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Herio arweinyddiaeth a diwylliant yr ysgol mewn adroddiadau arolygu ysgolion

What was the issue addressed?

The leadership, ethos and culture of the school has been questioned following an Estyn Inspection and independent report.  Several stories have appeared in the press and a working party was formed to try and resolve certain issues in order to improve the situation.

What happened?

The working party met weekly to begin, and produced a detailed plan.  Specific responsibilities were given to specific members of staff and progress reports were required regularly. The meetings then moved to monthly and perhaps lost momentum and focus. It was a very difficult position to be in, particularly because the SMT were defensive and were not open to being challenged.

The local education authority worked closely with the school and governors initially, and a working party was formed. Unfortunately, the support was only given for the first few meetings and I do not believe the issue was addressed effectively or successfully.

What lessons were learnt?

I do not believe this was successful – many points or targets were not met and there was little to no accountability.


Has your governing body had to deal with outcomes of poor inspection reports?

What actions have you tried to bring about positive change in the school leadership? Were these successful?

Have your say… Have you had experiences similar to these? What do you think about the situation described?

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